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Locker Keys

Locker Keys

HLS Locker Rental

HLS Locker Rental



Any Health and Life Sciences student can rent a locker, subject to availability. The lockers are in the Hawthorn building on floors 1 and 2. 

Please see the terms and conditions of rental below for specific rental period dates.


Terms and conditions of rental

1. The cost of lockers is as follows:

Locker rental for 1 year £15

Locker rental for 2 years £20

Locker rental for 3 years £25

Locker rental for 4 years £30


2. Please retain the numbered tag with the key. A replacement charge of £15 is

required for lost keys.


3. Locker keys are due back as follows:

If renting for 1 year they are due back in May 2018

If renting for 2 years they are due back in May 2019

If renting for 3 years they are due back in May 2020

If renting for 4 years they are due back in May 2021


4. Only personal belongings are permitted in the lockers. No glass, syringes, pipettes,

chemicals etc.


5. One locker per student.


6. Lockers will be spot checked on a monthly basis.


7. If lockers are being shared, used for inappropriate items or are unclean, the locker

will be removed and key recalled.


8. Key holders are responsible for ensuring lockers are left in a clean condition after use.


9. The lockers are the property of DMU and therefore locker keys must be returned.


10. All locker barrels are changed at the contract end date so you will not be able to

reuse your locker key unless you pay for a longer rental.


Please collect your locker key from the Student Advice Centre, Lower Ground Floor,

Room 00.06, Edith Murphy House.

No refunds are given at the end of the rental period. If you leave the University within the rental period, the full rental charge will still remain.


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Project locker (3rd year undergraduate lab based projects in H2.07/2.08 only)



If you are a 3rd year undergraduate student doing a laboratory based project, you may rent project a locker (subject to availability). Please note that these lockers are not the corridor lockers.

The project lockers are located in laboratories HB2.07 and HB2.08, which are based on the second floor of the Hawthorn building.

Please see below for the Terms and Conditions of rental.
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