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PEDR (Professional Experience Development Record) Architecture

PEDR (Professional Experience Development Record) Architecture



The PEDR Graduate Monitoring Service at DMU is a self-directed, work-based exercise using the RIBA PEDR sheets. The PEDR sheets are an electronic record and a means of monitoring and evaluating a graduate’s experience in architectural practice under the supervision of a suitably qualified person – the Employment Mentor, and evaluated and endorsed by a DMU assigned Professional Studies Advisor (PSA).


Detailed Description

The Leicester School of Architecture (LSA) operates a ‘PEDR Graduate[1] Monitoring Service’ to work in tandem with the PEDR system of recording professional experience and monitoring professional development conducted by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

The Professional Experience and Development Record (PEDR) has been created by RIBA to help architectural students record their professional experience and development in the workplace as part of their minimum seven years’ education and training leading to qualification as an architect. PEDR sheets are a means of monitoring and evaluating the candidate’s experience in architectural practice under the supervision of a suitably qualified person called your Employment Mentor.

Normally graduates start PEDR monitoring upon employment after they have completed an ARB/RIBA Part 1 exempt qualification such as BA (Hons) in Architecture offered by the Leicester School of Architecture (LSA).

As part of the Graduate Monitoring Service, the LSA assigns a Professional Studies Adviser (PSA) to the graduates who subscribe to this service. LSA maintains a roster of Professional Studies Advisers - registered architects - within its academic team, to support this service[2]. Through the PEDR service your Professional Studies Advisor receives, evaluates and if satisfactory, endorses your PEDR sheets. This process allows evidence-based records of professional experience for the purposes of eligibility for the Part 3 examination. A minimum of 3 months of continuous experience in one practice is required for a PEDR sheet to be completed.

‘The purpose of the PEDR is to ensure that students passing Part 3 have gained the required professional experience in appropriate locations and of sufficient complexity to demonstrate they have the competency to discharge the duties and responsibilities of a chartered architect. It is also a tool for students to demonstrate compliance with the professional experience regulations and to reflect on what they have learnt during their professional experience’ (cited from www.pedr.co.uk, accessed 25.7.2016).

A satisfactory review of a candidate’s quality and range of experience as lodged in at least 24 months’ worth of PEDR is a mandatory component of the ARB/RIBA Part 3 Examination, leading to eligibility of both ARB registration and Chartered Membership of the RIBA


The Graduate Monitoring Service is a self-directed, work-based exercise using the RIBA PEDR sheets; there is no formal syllabus and completing the PEDR sheets carries no credits.

Graduates in architectural employment are advised to enrol on the PEDR service, as soon as possible after the start of their employment in order to be assigned a PSA. They should also enrol on the RIBA's PEDR website (http://www.pedr.co.uk/) so that you can complete their RIBA PEDR sheets. The monitoring service is of greatest value when it is carried out contemporaneously with the practical experience. For this reason graduates should avoid seeking retrospective endorsement of PEDR sheets.

The role of the Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) is to receive the completed PEDR sheets and inspect them for technical completeness, and if necessary to advise on aspects of the PEDR sheet itself its content and the professional experience that it records. If the PSA considers a PEDR sheet to be correct and accurate they will endorse it. As such the PEDR service provides an advisory and endorsement service on matters related to professional experience being gained in an architect’s office.

The fees cover PSA services for 4 PEDR sheets in 12 months.


[1] We refer to graduates because the PEDR system is normally related to post Part I experience. The exception to this is the case of Part-time students who work the number of hours prescribed by RIBA for consideration in the system.

[2] PSAs are expected to be Architects registered with the ARB.


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